NRLN Washington Chapter


About the Washington State Chapter:


Judy Stenberg

Regional Vice President

Neil West

Regional Grassroots Director

The Washington Chapter was established in January 2013 when the Association of U S WEST Retirees (AUSWR) closed business. It was determined at that time that the work that could be done by AUSWR was competed. However, continuing work at the federal level should be the focus of retirees and seniors.

Anyone can join the Washington Chapter regardless of where they live, what company they work for or retired from, or are an interested senior. 

Scroll down in the “Name of Retiree Association or Chapter” window and select NRLN Washington State Chapter.

Following Is Important Information.

  • Emails from the NRLN-if you are not receiving Chapter and NRLN emails, send an email to or call toll free 866-360-7197
  • Alerts needing your action now (If you have taken action—Thank you!) Click here to access NRLN Action Alerts.
  • NRLN Facebook Page will tell you about the work the NRLN is doing on your behalf. If you have a Facebook account, click here to access the page.
  • Reduced Drug Cost—Check GoodRx (That is all you have to type in your browser.) to obtain a coupon for a reduced price if the drug is available. Click here to access the NRLN Useful Links webpage for other useful information for seniors.

Who to contact when a retiree dies:

CenturyLink Service Center 800-729-7526
CenturyLink Phone concession

(West of the Mississippi) 800-659-3279
(East of the Mississippi) 800-872-4016

  • Social Security – 800-772-1213
  • Medicare – 800-633-4227
  • Veteran’s Administration  -800-827-1000

You should know who represents you in Congress.

Below are their names and Washington D. C. phone numbers. If you don’t know who your Representative and Senators, Click here. Type in your street address and zip and click GO. The names and photos of your members of Congress will appear.


  • Patty Murray 202-224-2621
  • Maria Cantwell 202-224-3441


  • District 1 Susan DelBene 202-225-6311
  • District 2 Rick Larsen 202-225-2605
  • District 3 Herrera Beutler 202-225-3536
  • District 4 Newhouse 202-225-5816
  • District 5 McMorris Rodgers 202-225-2006
  • District 6 Kilmer 202-225-5916
  • District 7 Jayapal 202-225-6197
  • District 8 Schrier 202-225-7761
  • District 9 Smith 202-225-8901
  • District 10 Heck 202-225-9740

NRLN Report Cards tell you if these people support you.

Every one of the people who represent you have an NRLN report card on the NRLN Website. Click here and select your state on the USA map. When your state appears, click the EXCEL Download tab.

Congressional District Leaders-these are the wonderful people who have agreed to step up and to be a leader in your district.

  • Congressional District 1 Christine Hansen
  • Congressional District 2 Vacant
  • Congressional District 3 Francis Affolter
  • Congressional District 4 Owen Gahlhoff
  • Congressional District 5 Dolly Watkins
  • Congressional District 6 Diane Fehl
  • Congressional District 7 Vacant
  • Congressional District 8 Herbert Roberts
  • Congressional District 9 Sherry Brunette
  • Congressional District 10 Susie Coulter

Century Link Telephone information

CenturyLink Telephone Company website: Retiree information website-go to

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