NRLN Provides “Report Card” Feature on Members of Congress


The NRLN Report Card is useful to our members to know as much as possible on whether their U.S. Senators and Representative are a sponsor or cosponsor of bills the NRLN supports or opposes. You are encouraged to use the Report Card to urge your Representative and Senators to cosponsor bills being advocated by the NRLN and thank them when they do.

The Report Card is used during NRLN fly-ins to Washington, D.C. to show the lawmakers and/or their staff members that the NRLN is tracking their actions on bills important to retirees.

It is hoped that those whose position is unknown on a bill on the Report Card will follow the NRLN’s position if/when a vote is called on the bill.

OPTION 1 - Get Current Congressional Session (118th Congress)

To get the “report card” for your whole state delegation in the current 117th Congress

NOTE :If the spreadsheet has a yellow banner at the top, click on ‘ENABLE EDITING’ in order to see the full content of the report.

To get it on any individual senator or representative

  • Click on the link to the Legislative Action Network
  • Choose your state
  • Click on the individual you want
  • The report card can be seen on the lower part of the web page then shown.

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