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Re: Updated CD leader information Package.

Introduction: Thank you for being a congressional district (CD) leader for the NRLN. This assignment can be as much as you want to make. It can be as little as responding to Action Alerts from the NRLN to posting comments on your congressman’s social media pages, writing letters to the editors, or interacting often with his or her offices while providing them our positions on issues.

A lot has changed in the methods and tools available to us in the last year or so. They include:

Our website has been modified to allow easier action by all.

A more powerful enabling Legislative Action Network which makes it easy to use social media tools, sending an e-mail to any congressman or senator via ours or “his” site. 


and once you get to your congressman or senator you can pick your contact tool shown next to his or her picture. The last two are for sending notes or letters. I prefer the green one to the black one as it is often less restrictive. (On the bottom of same page is the rep’s report card on bills we support.)

In addition to our web page, a new NRLN Facebook page has been added that allows anyone to get our latest news.

Feel free to share all this with your friends and invite them to try our tools out. They may want to join us when they see how easy it is to give a view to their representatives. It allows anyone to respond to our action alerts that may be posted there.

An NRLN Information folder is attached. In addition, the following material provides a lot of useful information for you, particularly if you want to go beyond responding to Action Alerts

We have members in all CDs in the country and have about 77% covered with leaders like you. Again, thanks for being a CD leader.

NRLN Grassroots

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