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Corteva pension plan Annual Funding Notice

August 4, 2023

Corteva Pension and Retirement Plan AFN 2012-2022 Comparisons

We recently collected the 2023 Pension Plan Annual Funding Notices (AFNs) for plan year 2022 from 26 member organizations and compared this data with NRLN’s 2012 survey of member AFN data.


Click the button below to view comparisons and comments. The information is intended to be an informative look at both the AT&T AFN and the status of 26 AFNs from our members.

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Our focus on Pension Asset Transfers (PRTs) and annuity risks is intended to inform not exaggerate the current situation of actions being taken by many pension plan sponsors. This is consistent with our being proactive to stimulate member support now, before any worst fears could come true on what is known as pension plan de-risking.

We want to thank Jim Odle, President, NRLN DuPont Chapter, and Paul Kende for sending us copies of your 2012 and 2022 Annual Funding Notices (AFNs) and many others who responded with additional information and comments that made this report possible.

Bill Kadereit, President
National Retiree Legislative Network

From the Chapter President and Co-Founder , Paul Kende and Jim Odle

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December 2022 Chapter Update:

Your comments and questions are welcome.

Jim Odle
President and Co-Founder

Paul Kende

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Welcome current and future DuPont retirees –The NRLN (National Retirees Legislative Network) is a nationwide organization that advocates for federal legislation to protect retiree benefits including pensions, company provided healthcare, Social Security, Medicare, and lower prescription drug costs. We started this DuPont Retirees Chapter (DRC) due to concerns about the long-term security of our underfunded pension plan. With our email utility delivering key documents to our members directly, and with this webpage, we strive to be a key communication mechanism on retiree issues, as Dow DuPont carries out a plan to split into three smaller companies.

Please review our communications on pension and other retiree issues in the left column below. The most current notes are always visible, while older communications are archived in reverse chronological order. The right column below is a repository of pertinent media articles about the merger and pension issues. We hope that you will review the wealth of information on our DRC page.

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