NRLN Kodak Retirees Chapter


Recently you received a message from the Board of EKRA announcing the decision to dissolve the organization by November 1, 2021. The announcement noted EKRA’s long affiliation with the National Retiree Legislative Network and the NRLN’s interest in forming the NRLN Kodak Retirees Chapter.

Welcome to your new NRLN Kodak Retirees Chapter. The Chapter’s webpage has been created at (click on the Chapters tab) to provide relevant Chapter news, company news, contact information for Kodak retirement benefits and the Chapter will have email capability to communicate with its members.

Nearly 1,800 Kodak retirees have been receiving NRLN emails for years. If this is the first time you are receiving an NRLN email, there is a link at to the NRLN FOCUS newsletter. Also, there is a link to the NRLN Review, a monthly summary of the NRLN’s work. You will receive our Action Alerts on important matters to address with your U.S. Representative and Senators, and at times with the President. You will also receive other emails to keep you informed on retirement issues. You will not receive junk or nuisance emails.

The EKRA’s dissolution announcement stated that EKRA has a very small cash balance which will be used to help start the NRLN Kodak Retirees Chapter. Since the EKRA has not collected membership dues in recent years its contribution for the formation of the Chapter will need to be supplemented by a future appeal to Chapter members to make a voluntary contribution in any amount they can afford to offset near term startup and operating expense.

The Chapter will operate under the same model and rules governing 12 other Chapters. Visit the NRLN website homepage at and click the Chapter tab on the taskbar to see a list of current Chapters and the Chapters model document.

Bill Kadereit
National Retiree Legislative Network

If you are not already aware of the work of the NRLN, see NRLN Review by clicking link below.

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