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Announcement from Martha Deahl, NRLN VP-Grassroot

CenturyLink Concession Service​

Century Link (CTL) is changing the concession service features retirees have been entitled to over the years.  Various changes are being made to bring concession products more in line with the current cost of general products. 

  • It is important for you to know that no action is required  TODAY.  
  • Only when you make changes in your existing retiree concession products will be affected.
  • If you currently have a second line and change your service for any reason, the second line will no longer be offered under concession; it will still be offered for purchase.
  • Basic Local service and Intra-Lata Long Distance service will continue to be at full concession.

The number to call to make changes to your concession services is 800-244-1111.

About the Arizona Chapter

The NRLN Arizona Chapter was the first to organize under the NRLN’s chapter structure in January 2013. The Arizona Chapter was originally established to reach out to US West/Qwest/CenturyLink retirees who were members of their retirement organization (TRA/AUSWR-AZ), which disbanded. In fact, many of the Board Members from TRA-AZ became leaders of the NRLN Arizona Chapter: Martha Deahl, Susan Olson, and Ken and Jennifer Gornall.

The Chapter also welcomes members from other companies and public entities as long as they are not already members of an NRLN Association (see Member Associations under “about us” at Retirees who become NRLN Chapter members will receive NRLN Action Alerts on federal legislation that impacts their retirement income security and reduce health care cost.

All AZ Chapter members are advocates belonging to the NRLN Grassroots Organization Network. Some NRLN AZ Grassroots’ advocates volunteer to become AZ Congressional District Leaders and make local visits to their respective Congressional District Offices and sometimes travel to Washington, D.C. to attend an NRLN “Fly-In”. The purpose of these visits are to educate the members of Congress on the NRLN’s Legislative Agenda (see the Legislative Agenda tab at, to make them aware of pending legislation that needs support and provide feedback of their performance (see Grassroots tab on then click on Congressional Report Cards).

Update Email Status

If  you believe you are enrolled but are not receiving email from NRLN, check your junk-mail or spam folder and designate email from as a “safe sender”. If you find no quarantined email, or if you changed your email address, please send a note to to check, revise and confirm your status. You also may have enrolled but failed to check the box to receive emails. If this is the case your enrollment status will be corrected.

Contributions –to NRLN  are voluntary but needed and appreciated. CLICK THE BUTTON BELOW

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The NRLN Arizona Chapter Member Benefits:

  • Members become advocates of the NRLN Grassroots Organization.
  • Members have a dedicated website, Arizona Chapter, accessible from the “Chapters” tab on the NRLN website at
  • The NRLN FOCUS newsletter will be mailed to those AZ Chapter members that do not have an email address. An email will be sent to the AZ Chapter members that have an email address to notify them when the NRLN FOCUS is available at
  • Members will receive NRLN Action Alerts, and other pertinent information from the NRLN President via email.
  • AZ Congressional District Leaders contact information will be provided on the Arizona Chapter webpage.
  • Dedicated Lobbyist located in Washington, D.C. meet regularly with key Congressional committee members to advocate the NRLN’s legislative initiatives.
  • The Chapter will have representation on the NRLN Board of Directors. Martha Deahl, AZ Chapter President is on the NRLN Board. Contact:, cell 602-672-6262
  • Chapter Grassroots volunteers who become AZ Congressional District Leaders are provided with information to share with Arizona Congressional Members during the visits in Arizona and Washington, D.C. This information identifies size and intent of the NRLN and current issues that need Congressional action.

Or, send an email to with your name, email address, home address and telephone number. Note: you may be a chapter member whether you retired from US West, Qwest, CenturyLink or any other company, or whether you are still employed by the company.

We could use other retirees to help us interface with our AZ Senators’ and Representatives’ local offices. If they don’t hear from us, they assume we are happy with what they are doing. We need a voice for all retirees, many who cannot travel to visit their Senators and Representatives. Please help us spread the word about the NRLN and specifically the AZ Chapter and the work we are doing to help protect retirees’ interests. Please discuss the NRLN with all of you friends and encourage them to sign up to receive free emails at Remind them that their names, emails and home addresses are on a secure database designed for communicating with them and federal government officials.

Also, if you would like to go to a local congressional office with your Congressional District leader, please give them a call. 

We always need constituents to go along on these visits. To find your Congressional District Leader, see “NRLN AZ Chapter Contact List” below.

Arizona Chapter Contact List

If you need the address or other personal information of either Senator or your Representative this is how to find it:

  • Access
  • Look for the black link tab Grassroots, open it
  • Scroll down to Legislative Action Network
  • On the US Map, open AZ by double clicking it
  • All the Congressional Leaders for AZ are pictured,

Double click any Congressional Leader for information.

Arizona Chapter Leaders' List

If you need assistance in finding  information on or the AZ State Chapter Link please contact:

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