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Chapter President’s Message

Joe Sciulli
Chapter President


October 1, 2021


We’ve retained everything that’s important to our members while opening up the format for easier reading. Your comments are welcome (
After almost 20 years of producing websites for the LRO, NRLN, and some other retiree organizations, I am relinquishing the reins to younger hands. But, as you can see, you are in good hands.
ANNUAL ENROLLMENT, that time of year when we can choose health plans, is upon us. Make sure to visit our Benefits page for assistance. As our recent survey highlighted, there are many variables to the decision, such as monthly premium amount, deductible amount, copays, annual cap on expenses, drug formularies, etc. Its important to choose the best plan for your situation.


  • Be an active member. Respond to Action Alerts. Congress does listen to what constituents are saying. Your letters supporting NRLN lobbying efforts make a difference. Congress knows that those letters and emails are from retirees trying to protect retirees.
  • Reach out to other retirees that you know through clubs, your emails or Facebook. We need them to join us to gain strength. Ask them to sign up for emails here.
  • Volunteer your time. We need folks who are a little younger than mid-eighties to help in small ways. It’s time for the next generation — you know, you 60- to 70-year-olds, to step up! Bob Martina needs Grassroots volunteers.  If you have HR experience, you could be very helpful in the benefits area. If you think you would like to help, even a few hours a week, email me at
  • Support us financially. Your contribution of $25 or more is important to finance the work of the new chapter. Click here to make your contribution by credit card or send a check to NRLN Inc., and mail to PO Box 69051, Baltimore, MD 21264-9051.

Let’s get our new chapter off to a strong beginning!

Management Retirees
October 11 - October 22, 2021
Represented Retirees
September 27 - October 8, 2021
Medicare Open Enrollment
October 15 - December 7, 2021

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