Archived Documents for the Dupont Chapter

Welcome Message from Chapter President – 7/25/2016

DuPont U.S. Retiree Benefits Website | DuPont USA This is the place for DuPont’s U.S. retirees to access the most up-to-date information about your DuPont benefits. Materials include the latest information.

July 1, 2021 To: DuPont Retirees Chapter Members From: Paul Kende Subject: Life Insurance Options

April 9, 2021 – To: NRLN DuPont Chapter Members and other DuPont Retiree Groups – Subject: Loss of Retiree Benefits

Email from Corteva Connections about fraud protection – another follow up 3/25/21

Email from Corteva Connections 3/24/21

Loss of Benefits 1/30/21

DuPont/Corteva Pension Plan – Class Action Complaint Status 10/14/20

DuPont/Corteva Pension Plan Historical Financial Overview 7/20/20

February 2020 NRLN Meeting in Washington, DC

July 31, 2019 (May 13, 2019 note with revised graph – Participant population line shifted by 1 year)

Class Action Complaint August 1, 2019

Pension Plan Allocation Decision 11.1.18

Pension Plan DeRisking 10.14.18

DuPont Pension Plan Update 10.19.18

Pension Plan DeRisking 10.14.18

DuPont Pension Plan Funding Status Update 10.1.18

Financial Status of the DuPont Pension Plan 5.9.18

NRLN Annual Leadership Conference Trip Report 3/19/18

Financial Status of the DuPont Pension Plan 1/5/2018

NRLN DuPont Retirees Chapter Webpage Updated 11.20.17

Conference Call with PBGC 11/20/17

September Fly-In Report and Annual Request for Contributions – 9/20/2017

Membership Drive Report to DRC – 9/19/17

Comments on DuPont Pension Plan Status and Outlook – 9/18/17

Results of DowDuPont Portfolio Review 9/14/17

When PBGC takes over a pension plan- 8/11/17

Requesting Your Help to Grow the NRLN DuPont Retirees Chapter (DRC)- 8/5/17

Report To DuPont Retirees Chapter Membership – 7/31/17

Report to Members – 5/19/17

DuPont’s plan to contribute $2.9B to its US Pension Plan in 2017 -5/4/17

Report on NRLN Fly-In Event in Washington on March 13-15, 2017

Company Paid Survivor Benefit 2/6/2017

Help Spread the Word on NRLN DuPont Retirees Chapter 1/7/2017

Expanding on Wilmington News Journal Article about DuPont Pensions December 8, 2016

Update on Pension Security 11/21/16

Report on Capitol Hill Lobbying Session, and a Request for Feedback (10/23/16)

Chapter Update – 08/12/2016

Chapter Proposal Cover Letter – 7/5/16

Chapter Proposal – 7/5/16

DuPont Factsheet SEC Filing 5/25/16

Email on 5/25/2016

Status Report – 5/2/16

Cover Note for Letter to DuPont – 3/28/16

Letter to DuPont Executives- 3/25/16

DuPont’s Letter to Pension Plan Participants – February 2016


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