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Your contribution of $35, $50, $75 or more per year will assist us in pursuing legislation in Congress. NRLN is a non-profit organization. Because NRLN lobbies, contributions to NRLN are not tax deductible. AREF:  The AREF is a nonprofit, tax-exempt organization. Donations ARE tax deductible.

Aetna / Agilent / American Airlines / Ameritech/SBC / AMF / American Mutual / Amica Mutual / AT&T / Avaya / Avin Meritor / Ball Aerospace / Bell Atlantic / Bell Helicopter / Bendix / Boeing / California State Employees / Caterpiller / C & P Telephone / Chrysler / Commonwealth Edison / Continental General Tire / Cooper Tire and Rubber / Datatronics / Delphi / Delta Airlines / Diamond State (84) / Detroit Edison / Detroit Diesel / Dupont / Eastman Chemical Co. / Enco Alloys / Entergy Operations, Inc. / Exelon / FedEx / Fisher Scientific Co. / Ford / General Motors/ General Telephone / Gulf Oil / Hoechst Celanese / Holophane / Honeywell Vorr / Hughes Aircraft / HWB / IBM / IBEW / J. I. Case Corp. / John Deere / Johns Manville / Johnson & Johnson / Kodak / Lockheed Martin / Lucent Technologies / Marlboro / McDonnell Douglas / MCI / MetLife / Michcon / Mobil Oil / Monsanto/Solutia / Northwestern Bell / PacBell / PECO Energy / Pension Actuary / Pfizer / Phila Electric Co. / Polariod / Portland GE-Enron / Prudential / Public Service of Colorado / Raytheon / Rock-Tenn Co. / Rocky Mount Mills / Rohm & Haas. Co. / Salis / Southern New England Tel / Spherion Corp. / Springs Mills / Sprint / Telesector Resources Group / Tennessee Valley Authority / Texas Instruments / Rouse Co. / Transamerica / Ullico / United Airlines / UPS / US Airways / USAF Trucking / US West-Qwest / Wells Fargo / Western Union / Weyerhaeuser /

NRLN is a coalition of 23 organizations advocating the rights of more than 2 million American retirees from   companies listed below.

The NRLN Is:

Based in Washington, D.C., the National Retiree Legislative Network (NRLN) is the only nationwide organization solely dedicated to representing the interests of retirees and future retirees. Formed in 2002, the NRLN’s endeavors to secure federal legislation to protect retirees’ employer-sponsored pensions and benefits in addition to keeping Social Security and Medicare strong. The NRLN is a non-partisan, grassroots coalition representing more than 2 million retirees who came to the NRLN from nearly 200 different U.S. corporations and public entities. Our members lobby on behalf of retirees in a majority of U.S. Congressional Districts across the country. “They are working together as NRLN Individual Members, Retiree Associations and Chapters to preserve the retirement benefits they earned during their many years of employment.”

NRLN Mission:

The mission of the National Retiree Legislative Network is to develop, identify and rally support for federal legislation that guarantees fair and equitable treatment of retirees and future retirees. We work to protect earned employer-sponsored pensions and benefit plans and Medicare and Social Security. We fervently endeavor to preserve and/or improve provisions of those programs, and related legislation supporting them, that Americans worked many years to earn and expected to be available throughout their retirement. It is important that we protect the real income and economic security of retirees. We will oppose legislation and regulations that will do harm to the quality of retirement life.

As a non-partisan coalition of retiree associations and individual members from across America we utilize the strength of our Board of Directors, company association leaders, individual members, Washington, DC staff, national allies and our Grassroots Network members from all 50 states to represent and lobby for the interests of the millions of men and women who retired from the private and public sectors.

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