President’s Forum 118 – Video/Podcast Episode #2 Medicare Privatization

by Bill Kedereit

The NRLN is resuming its 2020 Video Series as part of its video/podcast program. In this Episode #2 video, I am covering the history of Medicare Privatization through Medicare Advantage (MA) plans and the results after 23 years of taxpayer subsidies. To see videos or to listen to podcasts, click on “LISTEN OR WATCH OUR LATEST EPISODE” on the large Videos and Podcasts artwork in the center of the home page. Then select and click on a selection on the Videos and Podcasts library webpage. To enlarge the video to the size of your screen, move your cursor over the small video and click on the 4 arrows icon in the lower right corner. At the end of the video, to return the video to the small size click on the 4 arrows icon again. Do you want to know…

  • Did Baby Boomers cause the problem of Medicare costs being out of control?
  • Why didn’t Congress fund Medicare as recommended by Medicare Trustees?
  • What is the Congressional escape to a plan to privatize Medicare?
  • How is Medicare’s overhead less than 2%, but MA insurers carry a 13-15% overhead and profit burden?
  • How will MA subsidies cost taxpayers $38 billion in 2020?
  • Why enrollees in MA plans cost 18% more than Medicare Part B enrollees?
  • Why privatization of Medicare has failed?

This video/podcast will provide you the truth on why legislated subsidies and restrictions placed on original Medicare Fee-for-Service (FFS) creates the illusion that private insurance plans are more effective.

Upcoming NRLN videos/podcasts will be:

  • Episode #3 – Medicare A-D Revenue, MA Plan Rebates/Market Share & Medicare 10-year Budget
  • Episode #4 – Rebates and the Quality Bonus Plan (QBP) – The House of Cards
  • Episode #5 – Comparing Medicare Advantage Plans & Original Medicare plus Medigap G

The NRLN is interested in receiving your feedback and/or questions on the videos/podcasts. You can contact us at or call Toll-Free at 1-866-360-7197.

Bill Kedereit, President
National Retiree Legislative Network

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