President’s Forum 120 – Steps to Better Medicare Choices

by Bill Kedereit

The new NRLN videos/podcasts feature Steps to Better Medicare Choices in Episode #4 and Episode #5. Episode #4 would have taken 35 minutes to watch so the contents were divided into two Episodes. Episode #4 covers collecting Medicare and Medicare enrollment information and Episode #5 uses the information in formats that may help make plan choices more easily understood.

To view the videos or listen to the podcasts dealing with the October 15 to December 7 Medicare Enrollment period, CLICK HERE.

The videos/podcasts focus on:

  • Finding Relevant Medicare Resources
  • Developing a Personal Healthcare Inventory
  • Comparing and Contrasting Original Medicare with a Medigap Plan G with Medicare Advantage
  • Collecting and Analyzing Alternatives
  • Conclusions and Suggestions

To assist you in collecting and analyzing Medicare and Medicare Advantage alternatives, posted in the center column of this home page are the steps to follow to gain information from to view, download and print information on premiums, deductibles, copays and coinsurance for plans available in your state and area.

If you have not viewed or listened to NRLN’s videos/podcast Episodes #2 and #3, I encourage you to view or listen to them to provide you greater insights into Medicare and Medicare Advantage. Click here to access the Episodes Library.

I want to thank those who sent in questions and suggestions to the NRLN about the content for Episodes #4 and #5 . Common issues like pre-existing conditions, how to choose among Medicare and Medicare Advantage plans available and many other questions were received. Issues are complex but I hope the examples used in my presentation will be valuable.

Remember, Seniors are Special!

Bill Kedereit, President
National Retiree Legislative Network

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