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How to Help the NRLN

If you are an organized group of retirees, with a governing Board, Officers and a dues structure, you are encouraged to fill out the information data below.  If you are a smaller group, but want to organize and become part of our National Network, rest easy we’ll help you get organized.


Our annual dues are currently based at a rate of $3.00 per paid member of your organization, paid annually by the applying association membership.  We welcome additional contributions over the $3.00 suggested rate.  If you are a fledgling organization, our dues are based on the groups’ affordability during its formation process for the first year of its organizing effort.


At the discretion of the NRLN board, the one-year introductory dues could be extended for the fledgling organization.  During this period the NRLN will assist with recruiting materials and provide other assistance to help the association in its solicitation process. We aim to represent all retirees in America who have earned benefits and pensions that are in jeopardy. That number is currently estimated at over 25 million of us.


Should you choose to become active in the affairs of retirees and the succeeding generations of retirees, please fill out the form below and a NRLN Director will get back with you as soon as possible: 

Your information is held in the strictest confidence. We do not ever divulge your personal information to any third parties.

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