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Don't Trust the TRUST Act
As the Senate works on the HEALS Act, its COVID-19 economic stimulus bill, Utah Senator Mitt Romney and 14 co-sponsors introduced for the crisis legislation an updated version of the Time to Rescue United States Trust (TRUST) Act. Email the NRLN’s sample letter to tell your members of Congress “Don’t Trust the TRUST Act,” whether it is in the COVID-19 legislative language or as a stand-alone bill, it is not in the best interests of America’s seniors. Click on TAKE ACTION below. (Active – July 30,2020)
Improve Prior Authorization for Medicare Advantage

According to the authors of H.R. 3107, Improving Seniors’ Timely Access to Care Act, each of the private insurance companies providing Medicare Advantage (MA) plans has a unique way of handling its requirement for prior authorization. Tell your members of Congress that when MA plan participants need critical medical care, doctors and support staff should be spending their time working with patients instead of having to haggle with insurance companies over whether they can do their jobs. Click TAKE ACTION (June 3 – Active)

Urge Congress to Pass Bills on Three Healthcare Issues
Email the NRLN’s sample letter, with your comments added, urging your members of Congress to immediately pass legislation on three important healthcare issues. 1. Eliminate surprise medical bills. 2. Protect Medicare beneficiaries with pre-existing medical conditions. 3. Protect access to breast cancer screening. Click TAKE ACTION. (March 3, 2020 – Active)
Provide "Grandfathered" Status for IRA Owners
Individuals who owned IRAs prior to enacting the SECURE Act in December 2019 should be “grandfathered” to retain the “stretch IRA” which allowed heirs to take distributions over their lifetimes. Now withdraws and taxes must happen within ten years. Please click on TAKE ACTION button below to email the NRLN’s sample letter to your U.S. Representatives and Senators to urge them to pass legislation to protect existing owners of IRAs. (January 13, 2020 – Active)

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